Dog Breeds (Canis familiaris)

Topics Covered: Classification of Domestic Dogs Commonly seen Dog Breeds in India Classification of Domestic Dogs: (As per British  Kennel Club) Non-sporting Breeds (Working Group) Non-sporting Breeds (Utility Group) Gun Dogs Hound Breeds Toy Breeds Terrier Breed Non-Sporting Breeds (Working Group) Alaskan Malamute Alsatians (German Shepherd) Anatolian (Karabash) Dog Astralian Kelpie Bearded Collie Beauceron Belgian …

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Parasites & their common names

Nematodes   Parasite Common name Other important points if any Oesophagostomum sp. Nodular worm Black foetid diarrhea/ pimply gut Trichostrongylus colubriformis Black scour or bankrupt worm   Haemonchus contortus Barber’s pole worm/ stomach-worm/ wireworm most pathogenic Bottle-jaw Ostertagia ostertagi Brown stomach worm/ Brown hair worm morocco leather Paramphistomum sp Rumen fluke   Gongylonema verrucosum Rumen …

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Veterinary Physiology

UNIT- 1 (BLOOD, CARDIOVASCULAR, NERVOUS AND MUSCULAR SYSTEMS) Introduction to Blood;Properties of blood as a body fluid, metabolism and fate of R.B.C;Hemoglobin-chemical structure, synthesis, physiological functions, derivatives of hemoglobin;Heart- morphological characteristic, systemic excitability conduction and transmission processes.

ICAR syllabus

Code 13: MAJOR SUBJECT GROUP – ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY   13.1: Animal Biotechnology 13.2: Vety./Animal Biochemistry UNIT-I: Structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cell wall, membranes, cell organelles, organization and functions, chromosome structure and functions, cell growth division and differentiation. Sub unit structure of macromolecules and supermolecular systems. Self assembly of sub units, viruses, bacteriophage, ribosomes …

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Veterinary Pharmacology Question Bank 2

Credit: KARNATAKA VETERINARY, ANIMAL AND FISHERIES SCIENCES UNIVERSITY, BIDAR 1. The antibiotic with high degree of photosensitivity is a. tetracycline b. gentamicin c. ampicillin d. ceftizoxime 2. Drug of choice for treatment of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus a. ceftriaxone b. vancomycin c. piperacillin d. amoxicillin 3. Mechanism of action of aspirin is by inhibiting a. …

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Veterinary Physiology Question Bank

Credit: KARNATAKA VETERINARY, ANIMAL AND FISHERIES SCIENCES UNIVERSITY, BIDAR 1. Anterior pituitary is embryologically developed from a. Neural tube b. Neural crest c. Pharyngeal epithelium d. None 2. The most effective stimulus for cerebral circulation is a. Oxygen deficiency b. Baro-receptor reflex c. Decreased glucose d.Excess CO2 3. Most of the blood clotting factors are …

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