Parasites & their common names



Parasite Common name Other important points if any
Oesophagostomum sp. Nodular worm Black foetid diarrhea/
pimply gut
Trichostrongylus colubriformis Black scour or bankrupt worm  
Haemonchus contortus Barber’s pole worm/ stomach-worm/ wireworm most pathogenic Bottle-jaw
Ostertagia ostertagi Brown stomach worm/ Brown hair
morocco leather
Paramphistomum sp Rumen fluke  
Gongylonema verrucosum Rumen gullet worm or gullet worm  
Cooperia punctata Cattle bankrupt worm  
Ascaris suum   Milk spot
Toxascaris leonine/ T. canis / T. cati Arrow headed worm or Arrow worm  
Family- Strongylidae Palisade worm  
Heterakis gallinarum Caecal worm  
Oxyuris equi Pinworm of Horse/ rectal worm Rat-tailed
Enterobius vermicularis Pinworm or seat worm of man  
Strongylus vulgaris   Verminous aneurysm
Stephanurus dentatus Kidney-worm of pig  
Syngamus trachea Gapeworm/ forked worm Gapes
Ancylostoma caninum Hookworm of dog  
A.Tubaeforme Hookworm of cat  
A.duodenale/ N. americanus Hookworm of man  
Bunostomum trigonocephalum Hookworm of sheep & goats Bottle-jaw
Globocephalus sp. Hookworm of pig  
Dioctophyma renale Giant kidney worm  
Bunostomum phlebostomum Hookworm of cattle  
Dictyocaulus filarial Lungworm of sheep  
D.viviparus Lungworm of cattle Husk or hoose
Metastrongylus sp. Lungworm of pigs  
Thelazia rhodesii Eye worm  
T.lachrymalis Eye worm of horse  
T. bubalis Eye worm of buffalo  
Dirofilaria immitis Dog heart worm  
Setaria equine Abdominal worm of equine  
S.digitata Abdominal worm of cattle  
Stephanofilaria assamensis   Hump sore “Cascado”


Stephanofilaria zaheeri   Ear sore
Onchocerca volvulus   River blindness
Drancunculus medinensis Guinea-worm  
Trichuris spp. Whip-worm  




Parasite Common name Other important points if any
Dicrocoelium dendriticum Lancet liver fluke Slime balls
Clonorchis sinensis Oriental or Chinese liver fluke Cholangitis and cholangiohepatitis
Prosthogonimus ovatus Oviduct fluke of poultry Shell-less egg
Fasciola sp. Liver fluke Pipe-stem liver
Paragonimus westermanii Ling fluke  
Paramphistomes Rumen fluke or conical fluke  
Gigantocotyle explanatum Disease condition called Biliary amphistomosis  
Family- Schistosomatidae Blood fluke Furcocercous
Schistosoma nasalis   Nasal schistosomasis ” snoring disease” of cattle, goats and
horses in India
S.hematobium   Urinary or vesical schistosomasis
S.indicum, S.spindale, S.
Cercarial dermatitis commonly known as `swimmers` itch or `dhobi` itch in India
`clam-diggers` itch, `hunters` itch, `rice paddy` itch, lakeside disease`(Japan)
`Bsder dermatitis` (Germany) or `gale des nageurs` (France)




Parasites Infective stage Common name Other important points if any
Anoplocephala perfoliata Cysticercoid in oribatid mite Lappetted cestode  
Paranoplocephala mamillana Cysticercoid in oribatid mite Dwarf tapeworm of horse  
  Fringed tapeworm  
Davainea proglottina Cysticercoid in gastropod mollusks Most pathogenic
tapeworm of poultry
Haemorrhagic enteritis


Cotugnia diagnopora   Double-pored tapeworm of poultry  
Dipylidium caninum Cysticercoids in fleas (Ctenocephalides canis or c. felis or Pulex irritans )and doc louse
(Trichodectis canis)
Double-pored tapeworm of dog  
Hymenolepis nana Direct life-cycle (important) Dwarf tapewormof rodents,simian primates and man  
Taenia saginata Cysticercus bovis   Measly beef
T. solium Cysticercus cellulosae Pork tapeworm Measly pork
Neuro-cysticercosis or ocular cysticercosis in man
T. ovis Cysticercous ovis    
T. hydatigena Cysticercous tenuicollis (mostly in sheep)   Haemorrhagic and fibrotic tract in liver (Int. host)
T.pisiformis C. pisiformis (in Rabbit,hares and
T. multiceps Coenurus cerebralis
  Gid or Staggers
T. serialis Coenurus serialis    
Echonococcus granulosus Hydatid cyst   Unilocular hydatidosis
E. multilocularis Hydatid cyst    
Diphyllobothrium latum 1.               Procercoid in body cavity of cyclops
2.               Plerocercoid in fish
Broad fish tapeworm A macrocytic hypochromic anaemia develops resulting from a competition between parasite and host for
vitamin B12