Best Typing Practice Tips to Become a Pro-Typist

“Practice makes a man Perfect”

Yah.Untill you practice nothing is going to be perfect.We all know it.But there comes a question that how ? Where ? in which way? should I practice something like typing practice.So that my practice tends to be perfect in minimum time-spent.
Here we tried to provide you few tips that will help you to becaome a pro-typist.Before going to the tips there are few advnatages of fast typing.

  1. Add-on to your skills : Few jobs demands fast typist like 65-90 WPM(Words per minute), few demand little lesser & some little more. Usually 65-75 WPM, Advance 80-95, More advance above 120 WPM.
  2. Increase efficiency : Your work efficiency in typing will be improved.So total work efficiency will also get a boost.
  3. Sync to your thinking : If you can type faster then there will be a very good synchronization with your thinking.It will increse your thinking speed too.
  4. Impress others : Yah, this is a skill which impress others, attract others.

Now,come to the point.Here are the tips:
0. The first & most essential tips is to fix a goal & try to achieve that.Here the goal is to set a WPM for yourself, train yourself, monitor & then shift your goal to more advance.
1.Choose Keyboard :Try to use a single keyboard all the time.Frequent change in Keyboard will disturb your muscle memory which is a very big problem to improve typing speed.Loud keyboards vs Silent keyboards(Discussed later).
2.Your posture : Best comfortable posture increase efficiency of any work. For typing a) Sit Strait b)Your back should be straight c) Keep your elbows bent at the right angle d) Look at the screen with or without specs for the best & comfortable vission.(You may tilt your head little forward)  e) Distance of Eye & Screen should be in the range of 45-70 cm.Place your hand in best position to get access to the keys acording to the scheeme.

3.Keyboard scheme & Fingers motion: Finger positioning, Learn HOME ROW.Always return to the starting position of the fingers “ASDF – JKL;”.See the scheme below, remember it when practicing.

5. Touch typing : In the beginning it will be difficult to type without looking  at the keyboard.But try to type without looking at the keyboard: though it is slow but it will improve your touch typing.
4.Training*: This is the main & only tips which will make you a real pro-typist.Here we provide you few tips  of Training of typing in a professional way.
A.Online training :
a) : We cant’s easily detect which key is creating problem to me during typing. This ( site is designed in a manner that will detect your weakness during typing training & it will arrange next words to resolve your weakness, to make more practice to the problematic areas you have.It works in your exact problem.
b) : Another site to train yourself online.
B.Offline training :
a) Typing master
b) Essay writting
5.Shortcuts:  Use Keyboard shortcuts to work faster than usual speed.
Delete whole word: –  Option+Backspace (Mac), Ctrl+Backspace (Windows)
Delete complete Line : – CMD+Backspace (Mac), Shift+Home+Backspace (Windows)
& Lot more.

6. Avoid use of Mouse : Keyboard can do almost all the functions of mouse.A master typist don’t use mouse during typing.
Mac: Use Alfred application (CMD+ Space)
Windows: Use Wox application (Alt+Space) *Best Application for Windows
7.Typing sound : Yah it seems myth, but professional says that if the type loudly, the speed also get a booster.So, Keyboard having good sound is also recommended to pros.

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